Our Values

Fiordland Furs’s vision is to produce a collection of the highest quality artisan made bespoke possum products from the finest Fiordland possum pelts for you. 

We pride ourselves in offering our clients supreme quality, luxurious, custom made possum products that are completely traceable through the entire production process. And because we believe in the quality of our products so much, if you are not completely in love with them send them back for a full refund (t & c's apply).  

Being an eco friendly business waste is minimised with the whole possum pelt being utilized in our product range and custom orders only being made as requested.

Packaging is also a focal point with your products being sent to you in brown paper and compostable bags, because what you do with their packaging after you receive it matters. 

Fiordland Furs value local collaboration and we work closely with a range of other specialist small New Zealand businesses to ensure that we support our own local economy as much as we possibly can.  

We believe in the saying...

“Why grow only ourselves when we can help others grow too”.