Our Story

Fiordland Furs is a small family owned business situated in Te Anau, on the edge of the Fiordland National Park, a world heritage site.

Dean and his wife Dawn (a full time Primary School Teacher & Assistant Principal) have four children; one adult son, who loves his hunting, and three young daughters who are all very keen on learning the Possuming trade of the generations before them. Dean & Dawn’s nine year old daughter even designed their first Cat Toy when she saw left over byproducts needing to be used. 

Fiordland Furs has been a vision of Dean and Dawn’s for over the past two years when the crazy idea of producing their own products came about over a good tipple of Fiordland Pinot Noir. For so long Dean has been the hunter and harvester of possums it was good time to see what beautiful end products could be created too. And with his eye for quality it would have to be a winner. 

Unfortunately with the Venison market deplenishing at the end of 2019, and then the hit of Covid affecting the Possum fur market Dean found himself looking for other revenues of income. Thus became the launch of Fiordland Furs in December 2020 when Dean and Dawn had the opportunity to bring their passion to life creating the business they had dreamed about.

Join us on our journey of bringing quality possum products from the bush to your bed!